to the ghosts who write history books

The violin is the new handclap.

You heard it here first kids. Or perhaps not, but I’m stating it now.

The handclap will always be my go-to favourite, but I’ve been feeling the winds changing recently and last night reaffirmed my suspicions.

The Barr Brothers + Timber Timbre + The Low Anthem = complete goosebumps.

I think all concerts should take place at St. James Community Square. Well, if they get cushions for the benches then all future concerts should take place there. My ass is still a bit numb, but I let that slide, because the acoustics blew me away.

Each group played about an hour, which wasn’t nearly enough time, but due to the concert being on a week night and in a residential neighbourhood they had a noise restriction and had to be done before 11pm.

Every member of each band played at least 5 instruments (especially the guys in the Low Anthem). There was no pretense with these musicians, they were there to play music, not to win best dressed and it was so very refreshing.

I honestly can’t pick a favourite set, but I will say Taylor Kirk’s voice is completely captivating live. Electric really.

I know I’m not the only person who left feeling inspired. And really, shouldn’t that be how a concert goes?

Next week, Spoon. The bar has been set boys.



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5 responses to “to the ghosts who write history books

  1. f

    Sweet! Glad my band added a full time violinist recently.

    Don’t know the other 2 but definitely jealous that you got to see Timber Timbre live. Does he have anything new on the horizon?

  2. Way to stay fresh! You’ll be ahead of them all now.

    Timber Timbre was actually opening for The Low Anthem – a folk group from Rhode Island. He didn’t say, just played songs from his last album mostly. Was the lease chatty of the acts, played straight for an hour. He made up for his lack of banter with electric vocals. :)

  3. bloody awful poetry

    Timber Timbre have been putting me to sleep everytime I try listening, which is a bit sad since I badly want to like them. Have never heard of The Barr Brothers, and I like what little of The Low Anthem I’ve listened to so far. Sounds like it was a great gig though!

  4. I saw Timber Timbre in a church as well, and with the low lights and dark gleaming wood and perfect acoustics, it was absolutely stunning. I would imagine the experience will be quite different when he plays the folk festival this summer. We will need to compare notes.

    So very glad to hear that the evening was so magical and that The Low Anthem were just as wonderful as I had hoped they would be.

    I’ll need to seek out the Barr Brothers though, as I don’t know them.

  5. BAP: He is a bit of an acquired taste. The music is very mellow, I can see how it might cause one to drift a bit. I really didn’t know too much about the Low Anthem, and was really blown away with them and how many instruments they played!

    Barb: It was very stunning. The had him in red light and it totally put you in far out mindset. I loved it. The folk fest will definitely be a different vibe. Maybe he’ll go on at night, so the set will retain a bit of the mystery still. Look forward to hearing about it.

    I will have to send you the Barr Brothers when I bring in their CD from my car. :)

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