two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl

it’s a closed day at the museum, yet the side door is open when we’re here, but only those who have been here before know this and it sounds an alarm to alert and then we go downstairs. simple enough. usually only people who come on closed days have scheduled appointments.

unless you’re a Jehovah witness disguised as a researcher!

then you come right in, unannounced. in the middle of lunch, of course.

i was a bit perplexed first off when i went down to see who sounded the alarm and he knew my name right from go (i realized afterward he could have easily read this from the front door). he then started in on this long-winded request, that forced me to go get my boss, as she handles the archives and then about 5 mins in goes on the mother of all tangents and brings out the pamphlets and starts down the god path.


however, i got to use my museum voice and we backed him into the corner with the chain saws before sending him on his way.

ah, never a dull moment ’round these parts.



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5 responses to “two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl

  1. f

    Note to self: Need chainsaw for pesky religos.

  2. bloody awful poetry

    I kind of love your job. May I have it?

  3. kelly

    please do a video post of your museum voice…whilst brandishing a chainsaw

  4. You got jehovahed at work? HA! Strikes me as a bit of futility to jehovah a closed museum!

  5. F: They really do come in handy. Even just there mere presence on the floor. Who would have thought.

    BAP: Ha! You’re welcome to share. I could use the help.

    Kelly: Ha! Don’t tempt me. ;)

    Barb: Yeah, we thought so too. The pamphlet on the bulletin board makes for a get dart board stress relief though.

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