hire me

This is the first time I’ve been directly responsible for hiring others. I’ve overseen the process in the past, but here I’ve written the grants, the postings and now I’m accepting resumes and will be interviewing and then hiring up to 4 students in the next few months.

So far I have not had any applicants that listed World of Warcraft Team Leader as a skill, like last year. Which is good, as I hate having to write people back and explain why we went another direction. And yes, I do write them back. Why? Because no one ever did that for me. It’s soul sucking sending resumes into the black abyss of cyber space and never hearing anything back. I always appreciated hearing back from a place, with a sentence or two, so at least my hopes weren’t still up.

I have to say though, I’m getting a bit annoyed with people who aren’t separately attaching a resume and cover letter (as the posting asks), but copying and pasting their resume into the email itself. As then I have to copy the resume into a Word document and blow up the font so its readable by other eyes. It’s similar to how bands for the summer concert series I’m organizing were sending me MySpace links instead of Press Kits or downloadable Mp3’s as their application. It’s fine if you want to send that in addition, but don’t make the person’s job who could potentially hire you, harder from the start.


In unrelated news, this photo makes me laugh. I’m tempted to try adding fake eyes some part of breakfast now. It would go well with the ‘Frak Off’ toast from the Cylon toaster.

Favourite thing to have for breakfast on a rainy day when you can stay in bed?



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7 responses to “hire me

  1. f

    Funny how people who want to work for you and therefore will need to follow directions from you, ignore them when turning in their resume. Sets a bad precedent methinks.

    That breakfast picture kind of creeped me out, but that may just be the Nyquil.

    I love breakfast and would have a different answer every day, however lately I have been rather found of Huevos Rancheros.

  2. Completely! Especially due to the nature of these grants, they come with so many restrictions, applicants need to fill things out properly. Oi and vey.

    Ha. Well, it is kind of creepy, especially the pancake and cereal bowl. It reminded me of a series I posted last year of mini Storm Troopers in a cereal bowl.

    Mmm. We just don’t have Mexican food enough here. Must change this.

  3. Exactly! Particularly when you get a lot of applicants, you search for anything that will help you make eliminations. When will people learn?

    It’s great that you do write back to everyone. I always acknowledged every application as well, as I know how demoralizing it is to send your resume out into the ether, time and again, with no response.

  4. The people who have sent me cover letters are getting placed near the top of the pile…that’s all I’m saying. ;)

    It’s a bit time consuming, but worth it, I think. I hated holding onto that bit of hope when applying myself.

  5. I always thought it was hardest to be interviewed but with the tables turned it’s tough doing the interviewing and choosing, especially when the people interviewed don’t care about or respect the process

  6. It certainly is. Both sides are stressful, just a different kind of stress for each. Hopefully I’ll get some good recruits.

  7. liz

    great photo. if you end up fake eyesing something you better post it. i just might, too!!!

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