i’m on bloodbuzz

I cannot wait for The National’s High Violet to come out in May.

Here’s another song that debuted on the BBC this morning:

(update: which was then released by the label)

Bloodbuzz Ohio

I think this just might be the record I’m looking forward to the most this year…what about you?

On an unrelated topic, I was looking through my photographs recently, and in the past 4 years (traced back specifically to NYE 2006) there are hardly any photos that exist where I am not doing ‘blue steel’ or some other weird look. What went wrong? When did I stop smiling, and only give coy looks to the camera?

Dear friends, if you see me doing this and you’re with me, stop me! Apparently I have no control over this, as it’s honestly unconscious behaviour. Guess I shall have to take more photographs. Gets a bit tiring looking through a photo album that looks like an audition for Zoolander 2.

Do you have any unconscious traits?



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6 responses to “i’m on bloodbuzz

  1. kelly

    so what happened NYE 2006?

    I rarely smile in photos as well. Actually I think in general I am not a smiler, don’t know why really. I see people smiling and it is warming and attractive and you tend to want to talk to them. Should one try to smile? Will it look false?

  2. i don’t really remember (drunken shenanigans and all). that’s just the point in my photographs when i started doing the face…

    i smile/laugh a lot in daily life…i just become very conscious when the camera is on for some reason. i think it’s the whole notion behind posed photography though. in candid photographs we’re always captured the best; blurry and badly cropped, like real life!

    when one tries to smile and they just aren’t into it you can always tell – it will never reach their eyes. i can spot a fake smile anywhere, as i’ve been perfecting it for years.

  3. bloody awful poetry

    I have already reserved a spot for High Violet on my best of 2010 list. =)
    Although I am very very much looking forward to the new Arcade Fire, as well as the rumours of a Belle & Sebastian release.

  4. f

    There were a couple years 1997 through 1999 where I would never look directly at the camera, always looking off to the side even when I knew the picture was being taken. Don’t know why.

  5. If I catch you doing blue steel this weekend, I shall grab your cheeks and pinch them into a smile for you. It’s up to you to smile with your eyes, though.

    I don’t even want to begin getting into my unconscious traits! The day is simply not long enough.

  6. BAP: Me too, me too! I really hope all rumors are true on the AF front. We shall see…

    F: Perhaps going for that candid look. It’s funny what we notice when looking back through our albums.

    Barb: Well you certainly did your best at calling it out – although I don’t think me drinking a pint was technically classified as ‘blue steel’ – it made me smile nonetheless. ;) I think I have some great photos from the weekend.

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