loose screws

things i learned today:

when putting on a new toilet seat make sure you go to the washroom first, as the process will take longer than expected (if you have no arm strength like me and a neck injury). if you fail to do this you might be forced to hover in your own home. tres chic.

that my irrational fear of appliances coming to life  is not irrational at all, for tonight i witnessed my washing machine dance across the floor, not once, but twice at a rapid speed. so perhaps break dancing would be a better term, as it also made a hole in the wall.

this is what i get for trying to clean the flat for my company visiting this week. i’m done trying to beautify. you can enjoy the dust bunnies because there is no way i’m plugging in the vacuum now.



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4 responses to “loose screws

  1. :D Do you think any of the appliances will comply and give a repeat performance upon my arrival? I surely hope so – well, minus any more new holes in the walls. :)

  2. iduality

    Ha ha! I’ll do my best to sync up the machines so you have a red carpet welcome. :)

  3. Simply hand your guests a scrub brush and a Swiffer upon their arrival and you will save yourself some work and make them feel both at home and needed at the same time. Everybody wins!

  4. iduality

    Brilliant idea, Barb. Feel less stressed already!

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