march madness

I’ve been feeling overextended at work lately; the historical society runs so many programs, outreach and events plus curatorial work, then the day-to-day of running two museums, I was finding it hard to believe that in pervious years one person did all the work I am doing now.

Then in casual conversation earlier this week I was informed that oh, before three people used to do the job you’re doing now.

Ah. Fancy that.

I thought Chicken Little and this position went hand in hand. On the plus side, I can now add firearms licence and carpentry skills to my resume. Jill of All Trades. I should craft a badge…need to work on a tagline.

Well, at least there are still web comics to make the day brighter. Happy Hump Day…and St. Patrick’s Day, too!

p.s. I want one of these.



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2 responses to “march madness

  1. Firearms and carpentry are an intriguing combination. I sense a new Olympic sport being crafted here. Perhaps in the form of some sort of three-legged race, as a nod to how many hats you are wearing.

    Time to hide out in the treehouse.

  2. Ha! Not a bad idea. ;) I wish I could hide out in that treehouse…or stay in bed. Thankfully today is my Friday though. Not much long till the weekend, and a few more sleeps until your visit!

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