I have a new favourite website for when I need to de-stress at work.

Colour Trends + Palettes.

I stumbled across it while trying to pick a new palette for my blog/twitter and well, it’s kind of a rabbit hole if you like messing around with that sort of thing. Since I can’t afford fancy fabric at the moment, I can play with colours on the screen and pick different patterns. You can either choose from other peoples palettes or create your own (more fun to create your own) and pick various textures to go along with your colour choices. Here are some I made this hour.

Any more than 25 minutes spent on this site and the patterns start to look like Magic Eyes. I also swear I saw an owl in a Strom Trooper mask.



Filed under geekery, procrastination

2 responses to “palettes

  1. I took a quick glance, realised I could be there for quite some time, and escaped before I became submerged. Some day when I have time to play though…

  2. iduality

    Ha! Wise decision. I use it only when I need a break from work. ;)

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