when sleep don’t visit…

Me: Really, I just want something to cook. If we’re being exact; to make eggs.

The Boy: I’d suggest building you a robot, but we know how you feel about those.

Me: What about a robot disguised as woodland creature? I think I could handle that.

Boy: Have to be something with opposable thumbs. Raccoon?

Me: Too easily distracted.

Boy: Chipmunk?

Me: Not practical. Too small.

Boy: Giant chipmunk…

Me: Too disturbing. Panda?

Boy: Too large. Lemur? The tail would be a bonus, too.

Me:  Yes. Yes, this could work.

Boy: Until then, you have the claw grabber thing I gave you.

Me: I think that broke in the move. For the best, that device really had me headed straight to hoverround days.

Boy: Sure…that’s what pushing you over the edge. What’s paused on your Divx player right now?

Me: Why?

Boy: I will get rid of that yellow sweater you hate if you do not have the Golden Girls on pause right now.

Me:  Goodnight then.



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6 responses to “when sleep don’t visit…

  1. ha. funny you should use that word…in this same conversation i got to hear about a show called pure pwnage. fascinating stuff. ;)

  2. Don’t be hatin on the yellow sweater! I’m sure it has its charms.

  3. iduality

    oh, it really doesn’t. he doesn’t even wear it out of the house. at certain angles could be mistaken for swiss cheese. ;)

  4. kelly

    golden girls…serious?

  5. yep. reminds me of my gran.

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