i like to organize m&m’s by colour

I’m in the process of buying new fabric for the inside of the display cases as well as fabric for the large wall mounted panels. To add to my swatch pile before I went off to the fabric store I needed a piece from a case in the middle of all the renovation chaos. I thought I would quickly grab it on my way out the door for lunch.

However, I forgot this case is really tricky to get into. It’s a half glass dome sitting on top of a chest of drawers and opens like the door to a Delorean. The only reason we use it is because it actually is really aesthetically pleasing (despite that description), still it’s a pain to get things in and out of by yourself. Add scissors to the mix, and it’s a bit of a challenge. Especially when it’s wedged into a tight space and you can’t lift the lid up all the way.

So I’m in the middle of our main gallery, after feeling like I just played a game of can’t touch the carpet to get there, straddling a chainsaw trying to reach inside the case and cut away a piece of fabric when a technician arrives to fix the photocopier, along with another delivery guy and of course the phone then rings.

Argh. Why do people never show up when you’re not busy?

What did you do today on your lunch?



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2 responses to “i like to organize m&m’s by colour

  1. It’s a conspiracy. They wait outside and take turns peeking in the windows until they see you trying to cut something inside the Delorean. It’s the only fun they get all day.

  2. Perhaps they want their own flux capacitor. This would explain why traffic increased since the curtains have been down. Good thing I’m getting new ones tomorrow… ;)

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