i bet my hands on it

I like to think I’m a good gift giver. I always try to put a lot of thought into the presents I give out, but when it comes to the Boy it’s not that the task is hard (he is a Fanboy afterall), it’s just that there are so many directions to go in, I sometimes get lost. I’ll usually always make him something, but will accompany the handmade with the bought. His birthday is a few days before mine, but I’ve already started to ponder the bought portion of his present and stumbled upon these two finds, combining a few of his favourite things.

I’m leaning towards the old school posters, and having one framed, as he already has numerous chess sets and really, how many do you need? Or looking for some more obscure old SCI-FI movie posters, as I know he enjoys that design aesthetic. What do you think?

Best give you’ve received/given?



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4 responses to “i bet my hands on it

  1. I agree that there is a finite number of chess sets that any one person needs. But if he needs art for his walls, then some old sci fi posters would be brilliant. Certainly a step up from black velvet Elviz or dogs playing poker!

  2. He’s mentioned it in passing before, and he did just move so I think it could work. I will make sure to ship there, not here as to not have the problem of getting it on the plane. ;)

  3. Cool poster! Yep, frame that baby up. ;-)

  4. Think so too. Glad I stumbled upon them. :)

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