sometimes, it’s the boring stuff i remember the most

Will you be watching the Oscars this weekend?

Lately it feels as though the only time I watch films is on the plane to Toronto. On a return trip I can usually get in 4 films, which is not too shabby. However, I much prefer watching them from the comfort of my own couch, so I’ve been having a movie week. Finally got around to seeing The Hurt Locker and Precious, both nominated this year, and rightly so. I hope they win.

I also hope Up does, too. I just re-watched it last night. One of those films that just makes your heart smile.

Favourite film of the past year? Most over-hyped film of the past year?

I’d have to say Avatar for the latter category. I really hope that doesn’t sweep on Sunday night.  Yes, the effects were great but the story was horrible. Pocahontas meets Fern Gully.



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6 responses to “sometimes, it’s the boring stuff i remember the most

  1. f

    russell is my favorite pixar character ever.

    Up In The Air is rather good and I just watched An Education which is a good movie, but the cinematography is gorgeous.

    I liked after before, when it was called Dances With Wolves.

  2. f

    um, that should read “I liked [i]Avatar[/i] before…”

  3. He is pretty grand. That film is quickly becoming my new feel good movie.

    I really enjoyed both Up in the Air, and An Education, too. I hope Carrie Mulligan wins for best actress.

    Ha. Yeah…Avatar is pretty much anything but it’s own storyline, eh.

  4. I’ve missed a lot of nominated films this year, but then the Oscars missed Moon, so we are even.

    I don’t plan on ever seeing Avatar as the hype is deafening.

    But Chrisoph Waltz. Yeah!

  5. That they did! How was that not nominated. I think it was for a BAFTA though…

    Ah yes, he was brilliant in IB. Hopefully that will take home a few statues.

  6. I didn’t see a ton of movies this past year, but I did see Up and Avatar. I agree with you that Avatar looked great, but the story was pretty basic – nothing special at all. Too much hype there. Did you see the clip on YouTube that was a Pocahontas trailer with Avatar audio? Pretty funny.

    But Up, I loved that movie – how could you not love a movie like that, right?! lol. I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet who didn’t love that movie. It was a good one. Two thumbs way UP. :P

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