i get this feeling i’m in motion

sometimes i wonder how different sofia coppola’s films would read without the soundtrack of new order and the JAMC.

i can’t believe it took me this long to transfer my new order catalogue over to this computer.

and in case i don’t say it enough…oh no, i’ve never met anyone quite like you before.



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3 responses to “i get this feeling i’m in motion

  1. Now I feel like listening to some more New Order. Or perhaps making a Sofia Coppola film.

  2. Her cinematic soundtracks are some of my favourite CD’s in my collection. Her choice of song to accompany an image is impeccable. Not unlike Wes Anderson who I hold in similar esteem. Talk about a dream job I would love to be a music supervisor on a film. For now I’ll continue to impose on my friends with my imagined soundtracks and mixes.

    Coincidentally, I was loading Power, Corruption and Lies on my iPod last night… A record that has more than ably stood the test of time.


  3. Barb: Never a bad way to start a Friday. ;)

    Sean: Indeed they are, and she is one of my favourite directors. However, I spent a lot of time in film school having to play devil’s advocate in my papers on her, thinking how different her stories would play without the music. I think her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness. Although Keven Shields composed her last two films…its one of these ongoing conversations I have in my head. :)

    But yes, dream job it would be.

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