Have you seen the new OK Go video? If not, it’s below.

When I was in elementary school we made rube goldberg machines, I think I was in grade seven. It was fun, and there were some very interesting and elaborate inventions. My partner and I’s wasn’t show stopping, but we enjoyed making it, which is really all that matters. We fashioned a hair brushing/hair drying machine (headpiece), which to this day I still wish I had. I hate having to blow dry my hair. It wasn’t that portable though. C’est la vie.

If you had to invent a goldberg machine what would it be for?



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2 responses to “goldberg

  1. That is incredible! I hadn’t seen it before, and I have to applaud ok go for making the best videos. This is even better than the treadmill one.

    I can think of a lot of things that would be a lot more fun if done by goldberg – cleaning the litter box is right up there.

  2. Brilliant video, right? They do make pretty great ones. I need to re watch the treadmill one.

    Ah, yes! Cleaning the litter box is a must. Good call.

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