things that baffle me

There are many, but here are a few for today…

1) The “Suggestion” sidebar on Facebook:

You’re a fan of Radiohead. Become a Fan of Coldplay!

Here’s a person you talked to once in sixth grade, but who is friends with 6 other of your friends. Become his friend!

2) It pains me to type this…vajazzling. Honestly. I just…(insert sigh).

Let’s take one of the more sensitive areas of your body and dress it with crystals, right after its been waxed. Not to mention would it not a) be incredibly itchy and b) hurt your partner?  Also, the cost. It’s pretty spendy for something that falls off in a few days.

Everyone is entitled to do what they want to their own body, and  I’ve had my share of piercings over the years, but I’m still allowed to be baffled, too

3)  I’ve been cracking eggs wrong this entire time. Full force against the burner is not the right way…

Okay, enough ranting. To be filed under amazing, not baffling to lift this post up. Thumbs up, indeed.



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10 responses to “things that baffle me

  1. f

    I get no sound with that video, might just be me though – pulseaudio and all that jazz.

    I thought the product was ridiculous until I saw the egg separator = awesome. Also isn’t that the Snapple lady?

    Vajazzling? Not even gonna go there.

    I see no suggestion box on my facebook…. oh yeah, I have Greasemonkey installed. Woot!

  2. I get sound…hmm. Yes, I should have clarified, as the egg separator is quite cool, I will admit. I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Snapple commercial, it’s more of an American drink.

    Re: Vajazzling. I should learn not to be shocked anymore.

    I used to have it installed on my old computer…I must fix this.

  3. Oh I got sound! I think Wendy may just be the reincarnation of Billy Mays.

    I alternate between being bemused and annoyed at the FB sidebar suggestions.

  4. Ha! Good call. She does have that vibe.

    I’m more annoyed with the friend suggestions, and tire easily of clicking ‘X’. Ah well, tis only FB. ;)

  5. f

    Must just be a pulseaudio problem, I’ll just have to remove it. Unfortunately pulseaudio is a pack-in with Ubuntu these days and it doesn’t quite work 100%.

    Can “Balldazzling” be far behind?

  6. Good to know. Technology is a fickle beast.

    I bet you Disco Stu will start the trend. ;) Ah, I have bad images in my head now.

  7. I really am trying with FB, but still not sold on it

  8. It’s just one of those things I’ve had for so many years now, it’s weird to think of not using it. But I do enjoy Twitter more. Two sites, two very different purposes, for me at least.

  9. kelly

    serious? the egg thing? I find those types of commercials for stuff we don’t need and that make people look like imbeciles, depress me. Kinda the dumbing of our society. Oh well.

    Vajazzling, I wonder if it would fall off and there would be a danger of choking….ha, just imagining people explaining that on one of our medical calls.

    The name reminds me of that dumb product that use to be advertised “the bejeweler”

  10. I found the commercial depressing, which is why I posted it. I just liked the egg separator part, but I’d never buy that product to own it.

    I would think that would be a concern! I would love to be the medical officer there trying to keep a straight face. Yes, the ‘Bedazzler’ or ‘Bejeweler’ was all the rage when I was younger. I bet there will be home attempts to get this look with that machine. ;)

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