the need to destroy sneaks up on me from time to time

i love the sound of 30-year-old wallpaper being ripped from the wall.

scratch that. carpet being pulled up is better.

no, ceiling tiles falling down and crashing to the floor.

no, no glass breaking! glass breaking!

ah. nothing goes better with tea then some lovely demolition.

i think i picked the wrong profession. oh look, the train.

actually, perhaps it’s best someone so easily distracted is not operating heavy machinery.



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8 responses to “the need to destroy sneaks up on me from time to time

  1. kelly

    demolition is fun, very therapeutic. Until you have to clean up the mess and get it to the garbage bin

  2. thankfully, i did all the prep work, so i don’t have to clean up the demolition mess, i just get to watch. i do have to put everything back next week though, so my time will come.

  3. f

    The need to destroy is easily fulfilled when you have a giant around to swing the sledgehammer.

  4. This is true. Although the giant only does the lifting, this demolition was outsourced.

  5. What kind of tea do you drink with demolition? I’d be very interested to know. Right now I’m having Earl Grey, but I associate that a bit more with slippers and an old book.

  6. Very good question. Normally, I drink English Breakfast in the morning, but today, Rooibos Orange for this special occasion. Earl Grey is very much a slipper/eve tea. :)

  7. Demolitions are lovely when you are prepared for them. Definitely nothing to stumble upon by surprise.

  8. iduality

    Very true, this demolition has been in the works for a long time. A surprise one is never fun.

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