music purge

Acupuncture seems to be agreeing with me these days. I’ve had a steady treatment plan over the past 10 days, and I am starting to regain range of motion in my neck. Huzzah! To celebrate I decided to do a video post. Then while watching it I realized why I never do them; I’m a walking tangent.




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15 responses to “music purge

  1. kelly

    by doing a video blog you are braver than I which is kinda funny because of my job.

    My one song? I had it right away, but then I started overthinking and asking what about this one and that one and the other one. That’s tough but I’ll go with my first choice that popped into my head immediately..Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl.
    Why? I don’t know, It just always made me feel good I suppose

  2. Brave or stupid, not sure, jury is still out. ;) I think I’ll go back to podcasts. What is your job?

    It’s the over-thinking that always gets us. That’s definitely a feel good song. Reminds me of summer, and rolling down hills.

    I forgot to mention mine – Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire.

  3. I’m so glad you did a video blog! It was great to see you again, and your hair looks fabulous, by the way.

    As compelling as your questions are, I shall have to ponder them a little bit before I blurt out an answer. These are pretty important questions, and I don’t want to get them wrong!

  4. Thanks, Barb! It’s fun to mix things up every once and a while. Also loving having short hair back, much easier to manage.

    Aw, okay. Let me guess…Thom might be singing it? ;) Look forward to your answer.

  5. f

    5 Albums I need on my computer:

    Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
    Stone Roses – s/t
    Chameleons – Script of the Bridge
    Radiohead – The Bends
    The Clash – London Calling

    The one song question is interesting because I kind of wanna pick something newish, but if I have to carry it around for me for a year I wanna pick something I won’t get sick of and something that is like comfort food. I’m gonna go with Handsome Devil by the Smiths, always makes me smile.

  6. iduality

    Good selection. I need to bring over The Clash. Gonna to have to fire up the old computer here soon, need some more tunes.

    Exactly; if you only have one song, it better be something that can be guaranteed to make you smile, no matter your mood.

  7. Okay, I’m going to take the plunge with the albums that came to mind during my workout:

    Radiohead – OK Computer (obviously)
    the Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs (it’s a triple haha)
    Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels
    the Smiths – Strangeways Here We Come
    Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

    No wait, Belle and Sebastian’s If You’re Feeling Sinister! No wait, Jesus and Mary Chain’s 21 Singles.

    Oh I am awful at this!

    I’m not even going to attempt the one song thing, although Thom Yorke’s cover of All For the Best could probably keep me happy for a year.

  8. iduality

    Sneaky, with the triple album there.

    Reading your list I can’t believe I haven’t transfered over JAMC yet. I must remedy this when I go home. I’ve been without too long. I do love my Replacements, but I need more diversity.

    The one song is hard, no doubt. I figured if you choose it’d have to be something to do with Thom. :)

  9. kelly

    My job, firefighter. Which quite honestly is rather boring, there is perceived excitement and bravery. Honestly I haven’t been to a good (I don’t mean to imply fires are good for the people whose houses burn, but good as in fully involved and lots of work for us) structure fire in well over a year. Sure there have been chimney fires, kitchen fires, car fires, car accidents, and a gazillion medical calls but the adrenalin rush of responding to a fully involved structure fire has long been forgotten. Where was I going? Oh I remember the perceived bravery thing, I don’t consider myself brave at all, I am trained to do a job and I do it. Brave people are the untrained that enter unknown situations, the unexpected people who do great deeds that are brave. The person who puts themselves in harms way without a second thought is brave, we are trained to evaluate and do things safely. Do we do somethings stupid sometimes? Yep. For the most part we do not try and risk ourselves after all we didn’t start the fire.

    Speaking of tangents, I think I out-tangented you

  10. You did out-tangent me there. That’s good though, others tangents are much more enjoyable than your own.

    Summer is probably the worst time, especially in this province. I was living in the Interior last year, and watching the wildfires go on was rather scary, so I can’t really imagine the other side.

    I do agree, and can see what you mean about the concept of brave. I still think there is something to be said for that profession though, even trained, doing what you do, takes a certain amount of courage.

    And thank-you for leaving me with Billy Joel in my head. *fist shake* ;)

  11. liz

    I love your video blog!!!! I need to do one too. They seem fun, different. Come back next month!

  12. Thanks, Liz. You should do one, yes! I might attempt another sooner than later. They are fun, like I have the software down now. :)

  13. kelly

    i was in Kelowna in 2003 when the fires destroyed many homes, actually we were called a few days after. It was embarassing to be there because of how were were treated. We couldn’t buy our own coffee or beer, We were in Safeway picking up a few things and the store manager came to the till and said “no charge” I appreciate it but it was too much..although if I were single, parts could have been interesting even for an old guy like me. We got glory because we were visible and in town, the really hard working forestry and military guys in the hills, they were hidden.

    Took me a bit to figure the Billy Joel reference.

  14. i was further north than kelowna; in smithers, which wasn’t hit, but there were still smaller fires. actually, the flooding was a bit worse last summer. we were almost trapped on the highway going out to prince rupert.

    wow, that seems a bit excessive. showing appreciation the only way they knew how, i suppose.

  15. I’m having a problem viewing your site in my browser. Could you please check this. My browser is Opera 7 btw. :)

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