what wine goes with cap’n crunch?

i love stale popcorn.

i’ve been working on a bag i popped two nights ago, and still good.

a food you like better as a leftover?



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6 responses to “what wine goes with cap’n crunch?

  1. The title of this post caught my eye. I was eating yogurt with peanut butter last night while drinking red wine. Thanksgiving dinner is almost better when you have it left over… but then again, it is pretty good when you have it the first time.

  2. I am a big fan of leftovers of all kinds. Just the simple fact of not having to cook makes everything taste fabulous.

  3. f

    Cold Pizza is the first thing that comes to mind, even better than when it was delivered hot the night before.

  4. Will: Ha! Sounds like my eve. It’s a George Carlin quote. Yes, Thanksgiving dinner is a good one. Can’t go wrong with left over pie…

    Barb: Agreed. I think I’m going to some cooking for the week today, so I can have leftovers all week. My quesadillas are on the menu. Hope I have lime. :)

    F: Yes, leftover pizza can last for quite a few days around here. I’ve recently gotten away from the cold pizza though, and fan of the re-heat.

  5. hey, that’s Shirley Partridge! I had her on my flight once…

  6. Cool! One of the most famous mom’s. :)

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