i love days that start like this

Let me set the stage for you. We are doing a reno at the museum, and today is take town of one of the main permanent galleries. We’ve had an early start. I’m resting against the doorframe, my palm on a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer is an artifact, not something we’re using for the reno itself. My part time staff and I are in the only ones clearing out this space. He is 6’7. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, really, I just like pointing out he’s a giant.

Part time staff: Has anyone ever told you that you kind of have this mischievous air about you?

Me: What? What’d ya mean?

PTS: Your eyes kind of glisten unexpectedly sometimes…like they’re plotting.

Me: I’m just excited about take down.

PTS: No, I don’t just mean today. (He nervously eyes the sledgehammer)

Me: Relax. I couldn’t lift it if I tried at the moment.

PTS: Right, yeah. Sure.

What’s he talking about… mischievous air? I’m totally innocent.

(chin tap)



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6 responses to “i love days that start like this

  1. kelly

    My experience is that anyone who claims to be innocent, isn’t.

  2. iduality

    Very true. I just didn’t think my eye gleam was something caught by everyone. Must grow bangs longer to hide. ;)

  3. f

    I am curious, if he really is a giant – does he have a bellowing voice and a quick rhyme for peanut?

  4. Aye, true giant he is not then.

    Sadly, I think that reference would even be lost on him. I wish I had that dvd with me…sigh.

  5. He is one observant giant! Watch him.

  6. Definitely one not to be left idle. ;)

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