dear universe…

you have funny timing.

i was downloading an album this morning sent from a friend by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and while doing so got to thinking about the last time i saw them in concert, and who i was with. i was in newcastle, and saw them at the student union with one of the few people i really connected with during my time there. however, she is horrible at keeping in touch, and as far as i knew had deleted her facebook, so the last time we talked was about a year ago, when i was up in smithers and i sent her a musical care package across the pond to germany.

so much to my surprise this afternoon when i got back from my meeting, i had a message in my inbox from her (via fb wall). fancy that.

now if only we could get this teleportation thing down…



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2 responses to “dear universe…

  1. I love when the universe conspires to to make us think that events are more than merely random. What a lovely surprise. Never underestimate the power of the vibe.

  2. Lovely surprise to get through this week, too. Hoping the vibe will continue for tomorrow, and no unmarked ‘what nots’ will be discovered. ;)

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