and the possibilities

i have spent the last year growing my hair out. i haven’t really been photographed much recently, but its way past my shoulders now, and very close to where it used to be when i was a teen. minus the whole blond thing.

at first i was growing it out because i wanted to, then more people who hadn’t been in my life then started encouraging the process, so i kept with it, even though it started to annoy me. now, i think i’ve reached my breaking point.

i want to chop it all off, super short, similar to how i use to have it; early 2000s me. dye it a different hue even. thoughts?

i just feel like shorter hair is more me.

plus, i have my blanket cape for security still.

and this concludes the vanity portion of this weeks blog. i must go rest. have to move instruct others to move, some chainsaws in the morn.

ever made a terrible hair cut/colour decision?



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4 responses to “and the possibilities

  1. kelly

    I shave my head but I use to just have Robbie use the razor with no guard so it was cut really close. Once the guard went missing so she thought she could freehand it. Kinda looked like I had mange. She cried for ruining my hair, I laughed cause she cried about it and went to see the barber who said “interesting” when I took off my hat.

  2. iduality

    Aw. At least there was a quick solution. It’s hard to freehand that.

    I think I’m gonna chop it all off. It’s only hair, and if I’m lucky, it’ll grow back.

  3. You almost hate to cut it off if you’ve been growing it out this long, but if you are tired of it, by all means, chop it! I do like your current colour a lot. It’s the only colour I have ever seen you in, so to me, it’s you.

  4. True, it’s taken me the greater part of two years, but its becoming harder to manage for me and my aliments. I think short will be best. I have an appt for this afternoon. Colour will stay the same. :)

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