wooden spools…

so much more enjoyable than the plastic kind. i used to steal them from my grandmother’s sewing kit when i was younger and line them up on my windowsill.

i found a bag full of them at the museum last week, not being used, so i’ve taken them back to my humble abode. at first i had them stacked up on my mantel. then i was inspired by this picture.

love clutter. my flat is full of stuff like this. it drives some mad.

i just have this thing for miniatures. i dunno where it comes from…



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7 responses to “wooden spools…

  1. I love miniatures too. I used to visit a toy store that was packed with fully furnished doll houses. Irons and radiators and beautiful little lamps – you would have loved it.

    I cannot, however, live with clutter. I just like to visit it.

  2. kelly

    funny how the mention of wooden spools brings back childhood memories. I recall several of them strung on a long shoelace, like the ones used for skates. I don’t know why thwy were on there, just were.
    Also got me thinking about my odd collection. I have about 150 sets of old salt and pepper shakers that were my granny’s. My grandpa was a truck driver in the 1930’s and beyond. He picked up those themed s&p shakers for granny wherever he went. Apparently when I was a child I liked to play with them, thus they became mine when she died which was 30 years ago…wow how time flies. I once phoned my mom (they were her mom’s) and told her i was putting them on ebay….silence. I was joking, they are now packed up for my 2 neices.

  3. f

    When I was young I used to use those old spools and make spaceships and castles and stuff. Amazing what you can do with a little glue and some imagination.

  4. iduality

    Whitenoise: Definitely. ;)

    Barb: Certainly sounds like my cuppa. Perhaps I’m attached to the miniatures because I didn’t have a delicate doll house growing up. I used to steal the little white plastic tables that come in pizza boxes and cover them with fabric and use them for coffee tables. Not exactly high class, but they did the trick. ;)

    Kelly: I like the image of the spools on a shoestring, or yarn even.

    It’s nice that you have a story to go along to the s&p shakers, too. I bet there are some interesting ones in your collection, also probably a size variation. I’ve noticed that in our collection here, how small they used to be.

    F: They would make great castles! Yes, endless possibilities abound with a little glue. I’m amazed what I can do with merely paper, fabric and buttons these days.

  5. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about wooden spools. I remember them so very well from my youth and they always seemed to inspire something creative. The old style one piece clothespins used to have exactly the same effect on my imagination.

    Kind of a shame that children today won’t have the same joy of creative discovery with these things. I like to think they went a long way in establishing my degree of open mindedness and seeing possibility in even the most simple of things.

    Great post!


  6. It’s the one thing I do enjoy about doing school tours, showcasing older things that have dropped out of our daily lives now and into forgotten corners. Hopefully some imaginative souls will be inspired with what they saw and bring them in some way back into their lives. Perhaps wishful thinking, but I still hold out hope. As I think you’re right, it’s the little things like that which help to establish ones creativity and open mindedness.

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