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5 responses to “decisions

  1. fffff

    Usually I am a practitioner of the 5 second rule, but food dropped at the practice space goes right in the trash. That floor has all sorts of nastiness going on.

  2. Despite not being a puma, I pretty much always eat it.

    I would love to have that chart framed in my kitchen, actually. Just not where guests can see it, perhaps.

  3. F: I have the same rule at work. Can’t trust a what’s hidden in the floor of a 110 year old place. I find interesting things everyday.

    Barb: If it’s sticky, I usually don’t. Everything else is fair game. It’d be great to have in the inside of cabinet in the kitchen. Hidden from guests. ;)

  4. kelly

    I usually eat it…saves the decision making process. I use to have a couple university professors at the U of Manitoba. A couple who ate road kill, we called her Roadkill Jill. I wouldn’t do THAT!

  5. iduality

    Ewww! That’s just wrong. I bet that nickname stuck.

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