i ♥ typography

playing around in photoshop designing display panels
is the only normal thing to happen this week.
i’m beginning to think i broke a mirror
or six.
it must be a full moon, too.
curiouser and curiouser…
you know its been a strange week when Lost actually makes sense and everything else seems flipped on its head.



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4 responses to “i ♥ typography

  1. I’m happy that there is a quantity of hats and caps available; I was afraid there was only going to be a whack.

    Next week has got to be better. Got to!

  2. In various sizes and colours, too! ;)

    I hope so, I’m working from home this weekend, so at least I don’t have to deal with strange phone calls, and can design from my bed. It was just one of those weird days.

  3. kelly

    speaking of hats…
    I don’t think we wear enough, I don’t mean ball caps but actual hat hats.

  4. I only own one ball cap, but two top hats, some wool caps and one that I wear all the time (especially here with all the rain), it’s sort of like a flowerpot hat. So I’m making up for the masses lack of wearing hat hats. ;)

    I need a bowler hat to round out my collection.

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