and it feels like it should today

Fact: Oxycotton and Naproxen cause weird dreams, and make you forget a picture like this one below.

The Boy playing around on the computer while I’m practically passed out.

For those of you that don’t know, we were in a car accident on the weekend. Someone rear ended us at a stop light. Just one of the many things that went wrong this weekend, but we’re doing okay, lots of rest and physio in the future to heal this whiplash. It’s a bitch, I tell you, and the meds just knock you on your ass.

Anyway, between this, and all of the other little catastrophes of the weekend that I’m now dealing with, and my work schedule in the coming weeks, posting here will most likely be slim for the next while. Unless a government grant falls from the sky, and I’m allowed to take some time off to heal. Ha.

Oh humour’s back. Must be on the mend.



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10 responses to “and it feels like it should today

  1. I’m glad you made it back home again. I have to admit I was really worried about the flight with all those meds on board. Not to mention driving back home from the airport.

    Try to get as much rest as you can. Put that huge student of yours to work.

    Also, is that sexual harrassment panda in that picture?

  2. Yesterday I was only taking the Naproxen, which is essentially two Aleve and I waited until I was home for the other. I also was able to get a seat at the front of the plane too, so I had more room, which really helped.

    Headed into the office shortly here. I’m so thankful I did that inventory for the reno before I left, now the Giant can pack it up.

    Ha! Creepy, isn’t? ;)

  3. fffff

    Oh noes! Panda bear has taken control of computer, what do we do????

    Seriously, I hope you start feeling better quickly.

  4. iduality

    His attempts to make Windows more Mac-like to cheer me up. Clearly, looks like it’s working. ;)

    Thanks, still really sore, but I’m hopeful.

  5. kelly

    sometimes having meds knock you on your ass while you are in pain is good. Prevents us from doing to much and re-injuring perhaps?

  6. Here’s to a quick recovery! Though now I am curious as to what all of the other things happened this weekend. catastrophes indeed. curiouser and curiouser. :P

  7. kelly: this is true. i only wish i was able to take more time off to just rest, but thankfully the weekend is almost here.

    todd: have a few hours? to be shared over tea, when you visit. which by the way, i keep meaning to remind you, if you don’t book the flight soon the price is going to sky rocket.

  8. Best wishes on a swift recovery dear Allison. Your Rube Goldbergesque weekend hopefully way behind you now.

    Amazing how sometimes you just can not make these life episodes up. It must have been positively dream like at times for you. (Or nightmarish perhaps.)

    Looks like you were in good hands though. Having a panda for a nurse has got to be a good thing.

    Things can only look up my dear. Really hope you are back on your feet soon! Positive thoughts and a gentle hug sent your way…


  9. kelly

    since you like words of the week…here’s one for you; defenestrate

  10. Thank-you, Sean. I’m hoping once physio starts, at least the pain will subside a bit. It was definitely like a waking nightmare.

    Ha, yes, the panda nurse was helpful, indeed. Too bad he was too big to stuff in my carry-on. ;)

    Kelly: Couldn’t have picked a better word for me today! I would happily defenestrate my computer at the moment. Great word, thanks. :)

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