red, yellow, green

My dad has always had a very public job. Over the years I’ve gotten use to his interviews in the newspaper, TV or on the radio. In my latter teens I was happy when his job took him out of the city that my parents live, an hour away where we could all distance ourselves from the fish bowl politics.

You see he has the job that the public loves to hate on, even though it’s about keeping the public safe. I learned while working within the provincial government, and covering the compliant department  in my section, that oh does the public love to complain. Sometimes the complaints are warranted, and sometimes it’s just neighbours being nosy and causing a ruckus.

Recently there’s been a bit of a firestorm in the local media over certain actions (or inactions, as it’s been sensationalized) and it’s frustrating reading, and hearing about this going down, knowing the different levels of government that he and his staff are dealing with, and how that never gets relayed to the public, as we all know, the public is only concerned with results and now, not at all with how they get there.

Before noon today he had done 4 interviews, after which he sent me an e-mail.

“Well, on the plus side, we don’t have to pay for advertising our new [retracted].”

Always a little silver lining in the midst of the storm.

My little battles with municipal gov’t seem very small in comparison, but at least I have a good sounding board at the end of the day to vent to.

Good luck this afternoon, you.



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5 responses to “red, yellow, green

  1. fffff

    Oooh, I love this game…

    “Well, on the plus side, we don’t have to pay for advertising our new [retracted].”

    Dance Hall?

    Is it Dance Hall?

    Government Cheese?

    Hardon Collider???

  2. Ha ha! Sorry to disappoint, it’s not a Dance Hall.

    However, it does involve the category that cheese falls under.

  3. I had wondered why your dad lived so far away from his work. This certainly helps to explain that. It’s a difficult place to be, doing work that people want done, but don’t want to know about or want to pretend doesn’t exist. We have one in our household too.

    Good luck with the cheese dance hall!

  4. kelly

    oh I like a game a cheese like category hmmm…but not cheese. and something new? and government?

    very cryptic.

    thanks for the tip about emailing photos from my phone to myslef…who woulda thunk (well apparantly everybody but me)

  5. i’m glad you were able to get the pictures off your phone, kelly! when it comes to phone stuff i usually don’t know either. you asked the one thing i happen to have knowledge of. ;)

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