i travel light

Sometimes the best time to take break, is when you think that you can’t.

There will always be something to do, another task to carry out, but if you don’t steal yourself away life just kind of slips by. At least that’s what I’ve found, which is why I no longer travel with technology. It’s refreshing not to be near a computer for a few days, and just unplug.

Although, to be honest, I will be bringing back technology, but at the end of my trip only. My little PowerBook has given up the ghost and I’m headed back to a PC. But it will be PC with OSX when I’m done with it. Details upon return.

Anyway, I’m off. Maybe I’ll bring you back something sweet, as I’m not headed to Toronto, for once.



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8 responses to “i travel light

  1. “But it will be PC with OSX when I’m done with it.” – Thank goodness! I thought that we were going to have to have a little chat about operating systems. Thankfully we can avoid that conversation completely. hehe.

    I hate it when my tech breaks down. I use it all of the time, and a little piece of me dies with it. ;) ok, not really, but it’s a huge pain in the arse.

    Have a nice escape – looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. It’s funny, I remember back in the day when you scoffed at my love of OSX. How things change. ;) Windows irritates me too much, and I don’t know enough to run Linux myself, yet. I’ll stick with what I know for now, just in a cheaper, but more powerful body.

    I figure 4.5 years out of my laptop is pretty good considering I use it 8 hours a day. Time for an upgrade. But yes, it’s annoying when technology starts to break down. Annoying, and expensive. Especially for laptops.

    Thanks, I’ll do my best to document. :)

  3. Damn technology, you scary! What a strange love affair we have with our tech toys. We need them and they give us great stuff, but when they go wrong, oh the heartache! I hope your new puter shows you lots of love.

    I adore the suitcase photo by the way, and completely agree that the time to take a break is when you think you can’t afford the time.

  4. fffff

    Linux is pretty simple, especially if you go the Ubuntu route. I just went back to Linux after a brief reunion with XP, glad to be done with Gates Bloatware. But I understand wanting a familiar OS, it’s like having your favorite chocolate bar handy when things get tough.

  5. fffff

    Ps. You can get an ubuntu live cd which will let you play around in linux without having to install anything on your computer, if you’re so inclined.

  6. fffff

    PPS. Enjoy your vacay!

  7. Barb: I love the photo, too. A nice collection of stickers it has. :)

    Fearless: Tried to mess around in Windows, and it made me want to pull out my hair, so went with the Ubuntu live cd route to figure things out, and yes, you’re right, it is quite simple. Started up just like OSX. Unfortunately due to what happened this weekend, no time to go back and install, so plan to do that sometime in the near future. For now, I have Windows Blinds installed, so my computer looks like a Mac to at least calm me down. ;)

    GT: Had a small window of fun; couple of hours before all hell broke loose. ;)

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