I love experimenting with different textures in my art/craft projects. I think that’s why I was drawn to start working with different types of felt. I’ve stepped up my felt game, I started making gift tags to go along with birthday gifts, and using colourful thread, hand stitching the outsides. They are coming along quite well, I’ll take picture when they are done.

Working on them made me really wish I had my sewing machine here. I’m hesitant to ask actually if it’s still at my parents. My mother has this wonderful habit of dispensing of my stored stuff without asking, which I’ve always found odd since it isn’t taking up room in their house, but the storage outside. Anyway, I hope it’s still there, as I have a plan to make a felt wreath, stitched on four fabric blocks (probably 12×12), with the hope that it will end up like a wall hanging.

In my search for inspiration, I found this great site; Modern Fabric. So. Many. Wonderful. Fabrics. I need to do some garage sale hunting, score an antique frame, that one of these fabrics would look fabulous in and bravo, I have myself a new, updated tack board.

Well, now I have a project for weekend lined up.



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2 responses to “texture

  1. I am always in awe of people who own sewing machines. I’m more of a duct tape sort of girl myself, but your fabric projects sound lovely.

  2. Ha. Hey, whatever works, right. I recall begging for a sewing machine when I was 10 or 11, because my mom was always very territorial over hers. I used to make a lot of my own clothes. I haven’t used it since I moved out, and I miss it.

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