the city’s ripped backsides

I love taking the train.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken the train across large parts of Canada, the US and Europe, and I never tire of it.

I especially love in cities such as Newcastle, or here in the lower mainland where the metro is not underground, but above so the city sweeps by you as you travel from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, under bridges and wrapping around the Fraser River. Sure, taking it day after day can get to you, but I love taking it on the weekend when I’m not pressed for time, can snag a coveted seat, listen to the ipod and free the mind and just digest from whatever the week threw out.

It also helps when your stop is the Vancouver Art Gallery, and you’re headed to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mechanics of Man exhibit.

This makes the trip back home filled with so many amazing thoughts you may even miss your stop and ride a little longer.

Not that this happened to me, I’m just saying.



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2 responses to “the city’s ripped backsides

  1. I would love to see this exhibit. Da Vinci’s drawings are so fantastic and his visions of such things as flying machines were eerily prescient.

    I took the train a couple of times this week as well, and the daytime trip was nice, but the evening trip was marred by the inevitable presence of stinky people who carried their own cloud of cigarette smoke with them, which always transfers to my clothes of course. More laundry.

  2. The exhibit is on until May, so you’ll be able to see it when you visit in March if you have some free time. I would recommend it, worth the price of admission!

    This exhibit wasn’t on the machines, so much as his drawings of the body, but there were a few interactive displays with the machines. It’s on in conjunction with the Visceral Bodies exhibit, which was brilliant, too.

    I like to ride at dusk especially. Perfect mix, and usually not too many smells. ;)

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