there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls

I’m a compulsive dish rinser.

I don’t do dishes daily, as living alone I don’t really ever build up enough to warrant running the dish washer every night, and often times I’ll just do them by hand anyway, but they’ll always sit there for a while before. So, I rinse after using, always.

This morning I was running a bit behind, emptying rubbish bins and all the goodness that goes along with garbage day, so I quickly gobbled down my morning bowl of cereal (this week Special K), placed the bowl on the counter and looked around for my shoes, to finish getting ready. I had my arms all loaded up with my stuff for the day, recycling, etc and headed to the front door when out of the corner of my eye I see the bowl on the counter and the flakes splashed along the side of the plum ceramic, and what do I hear in my head?

“Little beige blisters of air.”

And it’s at that moment I realize George Carlin’s standup bit on Rice Krispies is the reason I rinse my dishes so much. So of course, I emptied my arms, rinsed the bowl and then left for the day.

I couldn’t find the clip on YouTube, they seem to have all been removed, but you can stream the audio here. Click ‘Play Song.’

And speaking of cereal and milk. Here is a cute video to go along with this article So we drink milk out of bags. Does that make us weird? Thanks Ali for alerting me to this. Ah milk in bags, I miss it so.



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3 responses to “there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls

  1. Ghomeshi was introducing a segment on this today on Q. We were never bag milk drinkers but there are plenty in these parts who are

  2. I was completely lost when we moved here and I couldn’t find bags of milk. Still have no idea what to do with my little milk bag holder.

  3. GT: I must start listening to Q more. Yeah, it seems to be a Central/East coast thing, but not for all.

    Barb: Me too. I have one that I use for paint brushes now. Sad little milk bag holder…

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