those crazy kids…

Had a school tour through the museum today, a grade two class of about 25 kids.

There were some great answers in response to my questions. For instance someone thought the Telephone Exchange was a time machine. But the best, most hilarious question?

“Was there colour when you were born?”

A question that stemmed from me asking them about black and white photographs, and why where they black and white.

This fellow thought that colour did not come into effect until the 1990s, that the world itself was in black and white until then.

Man, to miss the day-glow of the 80s. If only.



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10 responses to “those crazy kids…

  1. You mean it wasn’t? Obviously I watched too much black and white tv as a kid, because I remember life that way.

    Okay not really, but it would be cool.

  2. Ha. Yes, it would be cool. ;)

    Ever since this afternoon I’ve had a desire to re watch the Wizard of Oz.

  3. I have never seen the Wizard of Oz. I realize this will get me run out of town in some jurisdictions.

  4. It’s one of my childhood favourites, but I don’t know how watching it for the first time as an adult would fair. I was more surprised you hadn’t seen the Princess Bride, actually. ;)

  5. When I was a little kid I asked my mother the same question. Watching the Wizard of Oz probably had something to do with it, but also looking through photo albums where the first part was in black and white, and later photos were in colour.

    She still likes to remind me about that. :P

  6. Ha! Awesome. And now I’ll probably bring that up to you as well. ;)

    I can completely understand where the question comes from, and we were talking about photography, too so makes sense. I just never remember wondering that. Probably because I used to geek out about photography equipment, so I understood the process.

    School tours are fun though, I loved the imagination this group had.

  7. liz

    hahahaha, cute. it’s still weird for me to think of ppl being born in the 2000s and not still being wee little things. the 80s are ancient times now.

  8. iduality

    i know, it is a bit strange isn’t?

    it’s really interesting now in terms of collections, too. as for most heritage places they stopped really collected in 80s, so there’s this gap now, as people don’t think the 80s is that long ago, because they were alive. but oh yes, it really was. must keep collecting! ;)

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