severe case of the mondays, and it’s my tuesday

I knew today would be a little fuzzy when I realized I forgot my glasses (now two days in a row, well done), but before 9am I was ready to start the day over, which is never good.

Huge error in communication with one of the projects I am working on. So much so that it could erase the last week of my work, and create another two, at least. The most frustrating thing is it wasn’t my fault, however when dealing with varying levels of government ones tongue has to be bitten to save the potential end result. And of course no one is returning my calls, so I wait trying really hard to stay awake while Stephen Fry’s voice blasts out of the other room.

Bah. Rewind, let’s start the month over again.

What’s a good tune to wash away Monday blues?

You know, one to get you up on the table and dance, which would fun especially if this was your coffee table. Or for something a little more funky.



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4 responses to “severe case of the mondays, and it’s my tuesday

  1. El Capitan

    Ironically enough, Blue Monday by New Order usually works for me.

  2. It’s been a while since I listened to any New Order, have to dig some out when I get home!

  3. All table dancing songs have been blown right out of my skull by the sight of those uber funky coffee tables.

    Although the XX were doing the trick for me today, despite all the blind people driving all over the parking lot.

  4. I know, right, aren’t they brill?! While I was waiting for the 666 to call back I amused myself with some online design. ;)

    I haven’t gotten into them, I must. Thanks for the reminder.

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