oh velveteen

After my first attempts with felt, I wasn’t sure if I would try it again so soon. Then I stumbled across self adhesive felt. Peel off the back and stick. Excellent I thought, this will make things more easy. Well, it made things less messy it was not necessarily easier. Most tedious craft I have ever attempted. I’m still regaining feeling in my arm.

So this is my first practice run at the Space Invader series I hope to do. Few bumps to still sort out, but not bad I think.

The goal is to do the entire game, framed like above and put them up on a wall, and change them about to make it actually look like the game is in progress.

I think I might need more wall space.

And a ruler.



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7 responses to “oh velveteen

  1. Mellowlee

    What a terrific project! It turned out most awesomely I think. In fact, I am wanting one for my room :O) Sweet!

  2. Thanks Mel! It’s going to take a bit to get it done, but it’ll look brill all put together, I think.

    One for your place could be arranged. ;)

  3. El Capitan

    Sweet! You should make one of the bases have shots taken out of it.

    That’s some pretty awesome handicraft there.

  4. F: Thank-you. Yeah, the plan is to make everything, but have a feeling it will take a while. I still have no feeling left in my elbow from putting it together last night.

    I think I might do a multicolour one just for fun. :)

    John: Thanks!

  5. Very cool indeed! It’s a shame that it was tedious to put together though. Crafts should really be fun, don’t you think?

  6. allison

    It was fun, just really tedious near the end. I think next time I’ll do it in stages. As I enjoyed the first part, just not so much the final execution.

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