Ha, Kazaa.

Do you have a site, or program that you used a lot during the early days of the interweb, but don’t anymore?

What website is now your go-to click?

Besides here, of course.



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2 responses to “retro

  1. Not really, but this did remind me that our first home computer had no hard drive. Everything was run off floppy discs. And it took 15 minutes to print one page on the dot matrix printer.

    Good times good times.

  2. I remember those printers. Ah. Yes, good times.

    Our first home computer was an Apple, back in the day, but just for a brief period of time, the parentals then switched to a PC with 133 MHz. Woohoo! Which they kept until I went to university. It took a day to check anything on the internet. We are so spoiled now. :)

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