*UPDATE*: It has been released…iPad. Read more here. Looks exactly like the leaked photos, and I lost my price guess…however all prices are in US dollars and you know they’ll up the price here, like the iPhone.

It starts at $499 for 16GB, 32GB for $599, and $699 64GB. Adding 3G costs a $130 per model, so the most expensive model (64GB / 3G) is $829. The WiFi-only model will ship in 60 days, and the 3G models will come in 90.

If you’ve followed any kind of tech news lately you’ll know that Apple is releasing a new tablet tomorrow. Rumours have been circulating whether it will be called an “iSlate” or “iPad”, etc, and you can read more about its alleged features here.

The Boy and I were discussing price points for this new product, based on what we’ve read; He thinks $699, I say $899. He is not an Apple fan. Or rather, not a fan of how the products/parts are grossly overpriced, and we have the Mac vs. Other debate a lot. He builds his own computers so he normally wins the argument.

Anyway, as we were discussing this new product, and even as an Apple fan I’m struggling to see the market for it.

The Boy: Don’t worry, in a couple months they’ll introduce the iStrap to go along with the “iSlate” and it will all make sense.

Me: What?

Boy: The iStrap:

A wrist/arm band attachment for the iSlate. Made with velcro so you can wear it like a portable computer pad, on your wrist, arm or even leg. It also comes with the iShield; made of a hard plastic protective case that when added to the iStrap forms a cool shield to deflect Mac haters.

Me: (laughing) That would make a good comic; you should draw this out.

Boy: You know something like that’s coming. Apple can do its thing, I’m waiting for this.

Any piece of technology that has your fancy lately?



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13 responses to “iwhatever

  1. El Capitan

    I’m thinking $899 for the first year, then when they drop it to $699 during the second year, all the early adopters will bitch and moan, but will still be the first in line when version 2.0 comes out.
    However, if it costs $249 and has a 100Gb sdd, I’ll be first in line.

  2. I agree. I mean to buy an iPhone outright its still $6-700, so I can’t see a tablet starting there. I read a report today saying its going to work on a contract system like the iPhone though, so perhaps by subsidizing with a contract they will be more affordable…I’m hoping this drives the price of the iPhone down.

    Guess we’ll find out soon. :)

  3. Weird weirdness. R. had built his computers now for 16 years and he also hates apple with a fiery passion. There’s an apple sticker on a garbage can in our place because “That’s where Macs belong”.

    I actually never liked macs that much. I’ve always had bad experiences with them dying on me. I also prefer editing in Premiere than FC.

    As for tech things, I’m not really that interested in tech anymore, but I’d like one of those watches or headbands that wakes you up once you’re out of your REM cycle so you don’t start your morning groggy… which I inevitably always do!

  4. Ha! Sounds exactly like P. I’m sad you guys couldn’t make bowling over xmas. I think they’d get along. Must tell him about the Apple sticker on the garbage can. :)

    The more I learn about fixing computers, etc, the more I waver on my position. Yes, I remember when your MacBook died at Queens. :( I’m thinking about getting a Dell mini and installing OSX on it, because I prefer that operating system. It’s a bit of a process though, so we’ll see.

    I typically don’t get any REM sleep…sigh. But that sounds cool! Must Google it… ;)

  5. And here I thought Apple was going to be releasing a Segway today! Silly me, such a techno weenie. I would, however, totally get behind an iwatch!

  6. You never know, they could pull a fast one on us all. ;)

  7. El Capitan

    Oh sweet, it comes with a compass!!

  8. El Capitan

    Ooop, they lost me at “the device is managed by iTunes”

  9. iduality

    I know, that’s the only thing that interests me so far. ;) Except I have a much small, and more portable compass already, so.

    I can’t believe you can’t multitask on it either.

    Ha…yeah. I’m waiting for more widely distributed bendable screens. They already have the technology. Give me something that I can fold up and then unfold to the size of a sheet of paper and then I’ll be on board. Not asking too much… :)

  10. My favourite description so far was “it’s an iphone that won’t fit in your pocket”.

  11. basically, it’s an ipod touch that won’t fit in your pocket, as you can’t even use it as a phone. *shakes head* i don’t get it.

  12. I used to be an Apple hater just because. I don’t really care what box it comes in, I just prefer the Mac operating system over Windows – hands down.

    I was speaking with a coworker after the release of the iPad, terrible name, great potential, if only they could market it properly, or you know, add features that makes it more worthwhile.

    I am thinking that pushing the bookstore option will help the publishing industry – also, I’ve never had a laptop and don’t think that I will ever buy one – no matter who makes them they seem to give people problems. The ipod touch is too small for what I would like to use it for – web specifically, or if I would like to show work to a client.

    And I think it would help if Apple would stop comparing it to things that are smaller… doesn’t quite help – they should compare it to bigger things…. oh right, and install a camera so people can do video conferencing.

    I won’t buy one… yet – I’ll wait until the 5th version… you know, right before they release something totally different to make the iPad completely irrelevant… again.

  13. iduality

    As do I, I just don’t appreciate a company that does not play well with others. :)

    I don’t see it having too much potential to a mass population though, perhaps a niche market, but it can’t do a lot of things (or doesn’t have said things, like the camera you mention) I think they really dropped the ball on it, and for a product where they are making 50% profit, it’s incredibly sad.

    Ha! Yeah, for now, most have computers and laptops that can do the same thing. ;)

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