maybe he should be illegal

Any Magnetic Fields fans out there? I know there are a couple of you at the very least.

I’ve been a fan for many, many years but I was really disappointed with their latest record, Realism. Have you listened to it?

It was not the fun, humourous music I had grown to love over the years. It does complete the “no-syth” trilogy, and as been noted as the bands “folk” album. Now I do enjoy folk, but it just didn’t fit here for some reason. Perhaps I had trouble getting their back catalogue out of my head, not sure, but hopefully we’ll be back to basics for next time around.

For now we have old favourites…



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4 responses to “maybe he should be illegal

  1. I was actually just listening to When My Boy Walks Down the Street this afternoon, oddly enough. Really sorry to hear that the new Magnetic Fields does not live up to expectations. Maybe it will grow?

  2. Magnetic synchronicity. ;) Maybe. I’ll have to give it another listen again, but not for a while. Too many records at the moment that have me captivated, don’t want to force one.

  3. f

    I was gonna grab this the same day I got the new Hot Chip, but I was so disappointed by the new Hot Chip that I didn’t bother getting the new Magnetic Fields album. Perhaps it’s better I didn’t.

  4. I haven’t grabbed the new Hot Chip yet, as I was too bummed from this record. ;) Needed something good to bring my spirits back. Just found the album a little boring, no real stand out tunes. Perhaps I just miss the synth-pop.

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