dear internet

Conan went out on a great note last night.

More cowbell!

Click here to watch the clips, as the ones on YouTube are no longer available.



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9 responses to “dear internet

  1. El Capitan

    Was Beck just there for emotional support? He didn’t really do much during the song. Ben Harper played the pedal steel bit, Billy Gibbons did some soloing and Beck just stood around in his little outfit…WTF?

  2. liz

    I loved it too. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

  3. Fearless: Yeah, he did look a little lost, eh. Perhaps he was distracted by his scarf. I was a bit. He looked a bit like a dressed up cabbage patch doll.

    Liz: Me too. I really hope he goes to FOX, and hopefully it’ll be at 11pm, so he’s not up against Letterman and Leno.

  4. f

    Looking forward to the Andy Richter show with Conan O’Brien.

  5. I meant to tape the last show but forgot, I was too busy doing nothing else. NBC’s taken your videos down to give to Jay Leno it seems. I’ll dig around for more.

  6. iduality

    Boo. They should have kept it up, it was probably the only nice thing said about NBC in this whole debacle.

  7. Yeah, boo… woulda liked to have seen ’em. ;-(

  8. f

    NBC has a no youtube video policy. Yet another reason why I dislike NBC.

  9. Whitenoise: You can watch the clips here.

    As of right now they still work…

    Fearless: They really need to start embracing YouTube, eh. Clips on their website are only available to those who live in the US. Another reason why I dislike them.

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