the alpha snack food

I was searching for this clip, and couldn’t find it at first because I was looking up “Patton Oswalt” & “Cheezies” apparently they are called “Cheetos” in the US. D’oh.

I love this clip, and I saw some “organic cheezies” at the grocery store yesterday and I thought of this.

Instead of Cheezies, my late night snack has been cherries this week. Mmm. Although I am contemplating walking to the market to get some ice cream now…



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4 responses to “the alpha snack food

  1. El Capitan

    so is Britney Spears the queen of Cheezies in Canada then?

  2. Indeed. And instead of her carrying around a Starbucks latte, it’d be a Double Double….which you won’t get it…but others will. ;)

  3. I sure hope organic Cheezies rip the inside of one’s mouth to shreds as good as the originals do. Otherwise what’s the point in eating them?

  4. iduality

    I know, right? They probably leave a bit of an after taste I imagine.

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