great is okay, but amazing would be great

So I made this for the Boy, as he is a huge Futurama fan. For those you don’t know, it’s Bender, the cigar smoking robot. He’s saying, “Bite my shiny, metal ass!”

Made with felt. Don’t know if I will use said material again because it’s kind of a bitch and gets everywhere. My boss is a quilter and always talking about the felt stories she makes, so I thought I would play around with it, as it’s super cheap. Anyway, turned out alright now my problem…

How the heck do I bring it back East? With the carry-on restrictions flying now, I can’t bring it with me, and I’m hesitant to put it in my luggage, as I’ve framed it in glass, and I wanted to give it over in person. Guess its staying here for the time being…



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6 responses to “great is okay, but amazing would be great

  1. f

    I know it will be costly but you could always fedex, or ups it to yourself at your destination. Just make sure you put it in a box and not an envelope ;)

  2. f

    Ps. It’s pretty damn kickass.

  3. It’s great! I love Bender and I think you have captured his sassiness very well.

    If it’s well wrapped, you could mail it or courier it. If you are really concerned, I guess you could leave off the glass.

  4. Fearless: Thanks. Ha…yes I’ve stopped shipping big items in envelopes. Lesson learned. ;) I think I may just leave it here until he visits here, and put a picture in a card for when I visit there in a few weeks.

    Barb: I don’t know Futurama too well, although I’m learning more. He is as sassy as robots come though.

    True, I could leave out the glass and wrap it in my suitcase for when I go there…it just took me a while to get in the frame the first time. I should stick to smaller homemade things. :)

    I’m thinking of doing a series of space invaders next.

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