Trying to make NBC pay as much as possible in his last days, Conan next to the world’s most expensive car, and the cars soundtrack? Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

His last show Friday should be interesting, considering they are letting him pretty much do whatever he wants. Neil Young will be performing.

If you had your own talk show, who would be your first guest?



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  1. f

    Oh Captain, My Captain….

  2. The people all exulting…

    Tonight should be good. :)

  3. Who would be my first guest? Hmm… Actors, I think Emma Thompson or Mark Ruffalo – because I really like them both.

    Music guest, I’d have to think about that a while longer… I haven’t really been listening to anyone in particular lately that’s really been standing out as someone I’d have to meet.

    Who would be on your list?

  4. I do love Emma Thompson.

    I would say Robert Downey Jr…musical guest…ooh that’s tough. Wolf Parade perhaps, or Jack White in one of his many bands. :)

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