c’est vrai

I was at the market last week, and bought some heart candies with sayings on them. You know the ones I mean…

Being this lovely bilingual nation that we are, of course they come in both English and French, but I found this batch to contain some off French sayings, not really having anything to do with love or the kind of sayings one would associate with the heart candies, like “Amore” for instance.

So far I’ve found (or noticed rather):

“C’est vrai” (Indeed, or That’s true)

“Ca se peut” (That’s possible)

“Peut-être” (Maybe, Perhaps)

“Arrête ton char!” (Stop messing around!)

and “Du jour” (of the day)

I still have quite a few candy hearts left to eat, so I will have to document any other French that I find in there. I prefer these candy hearts to the love-type ones.

I wonder though, perhaps a worker was having a bad day when keying in the phrases into whatever type of machine produces these candy hearts, as how the heck else would you get “Arrête ton char!” on a heart?

Or…perhaps the robots have finally taken over.



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7 responses to “c’est vrai

  1. El Capitan

    I like “Stop Messing Around!”, maybe it means stop messing around and marry me already or sommat.

  2. iduality

    Yeah, could be. There were “Marry me” ones in the mix, so one could pair them together. Or replace “Marry me” with “Marry me already”, I like that. Possibilities are endless. ;)

  3. They are just being flirty, those French candies. Maybe, possibly, indeed. Until finally one of the hearts got tired of the games and issued the ultimatum.

  4. Ha ha ha! How very true. :)

  5. I was at the bulk barn and sampled one of those thinking they were the real thing: Love Hearts. Pfft. They are second rate knock offs. I’m glad I stole one before buying in bulk

  6. I got the good ones. I was happy. Glad you didn’t get stuck with a whole bunch!

  7. True story, I once a had a fortune cookie that said “death is around the corner”.

    At first I was miffed about it, and pictured some disgruntled fortune cookie author trying to spook me out, though I thought about it further and realised maybe it was positive, sort of a “carpe diem” wake up call for some unsuspecting fortune cookie eater like me.

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