when there’s no way out, i’ll let you build your home in me till the clocks run down

My goal for the year is to send more mail.

In the hoopla of all  my moves last year, I really let my correspondence slide. So send more mail, easy enough.

Well, I made this a little more difficult when I decided that I should make all the cards I send.

So far I have only made three, and that took a few hours. The combination of paper, paint, ink, buttons and glue really sucks the time away drying.

It’s a good thing I’ve started making my Valentine’s cards now.

So if you receive mail from me this year and I haven’t made your card, well I might have abandoned my card making, or you just might not be special enough to receive one.

I kid.

Well. The price of stamps did just go up. Stamp worthiness will have to factored into this decision too…

What creative projects are you working on as of late?

UPDATE: Here are a few of the cards I’ve been working on. You can tell what ones I started first (cough, left side). The ones I’m working on now I’m really enjoying as I’m using more words, and different kinds of type and they are more personalized. Can’t post pictures of those, because some of you reading shall be getting them in the mail and well, have to leave some things to surprise.



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13 responses to “when there’s no way out, i’ll let you build your home in me till the clocks run down

  1. f

    I’d like to see a picture of one of those handmade cards, even if I don’t receive one, I am intrigued.

    I’ve been working on a new painting called “standing on the train tracks with a gun in my hand” and modifying my Bellwethers shirt with spray paint.

  2. I’ll have to take a picture when I’m done with my Valentine’s Day batch. Perhaps you may receive a birthday card. ;)

    Painting sounds intriguing, I’d like to see a picture of that. Modifications before the gig this weekend? Best of luck, with shirt and gig!

  3. I received a few handmade Christmas cards this year and they were just so lovely that I felt like I wanted to do the same next Christmas. But I really can’t see myself doing more than a dozen, so that may never come to fruition.

    I am gearing up to do some arty things with the Marthas in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I doodle with my new pens.

  4. I really got into a rhythm tonight, but they are time consuming. Also I now have to write letters to go with the cards, so if I plan to do holiday cards, I’m going to have to start in the fall. ;)

    I look forward to hearing about your art adventures with the Marthas, I loved your ink drawing from before.

  5. Just saw the update. Those are really lovely cards! You have a real talent for this. Bear this in mind if the curating/baking thing doesn’t work out.

  6. f

    Wow, those are awesome!

  7. Thanks guys! Good to know you like them, as you’ll both be getting something similar in the mail this year. :)

  8. bloody awful poetry

    Them cards are gorgeous! Allow me to be bitterly jealous of your artistic chops. Alas, I have no worthy arty projects going on, except for making cat doodles on MS Paint when I get bored at work. Making cat doodles is a strangely therapeutic exercise, I find.

  9. These are really terrific Allison… There is truly something to be said about the therapeutic nature of a great art project. Creativity is such a necessary thing to explore and I wish more people would delve into it fearlessly.

    Lucky recipients will cherish these because of the little part of you that occupies each. Let’s hope they inspire even more art.


  10. BAP: Thanks! They were fun to make, now I have to actually sit down and write the letters to go along with them. ;)

    I doodle at work as well when bored. I have not tried MS paint though, I usually sketch. It is therapeutic though.

    Sean: That’s the thing I love best about mail. A little part of the sender comes along with the letter. Now comes the hard task of deciding who gets what card. ;)

  11. SEO

    Good Read. I’m looking forward to your next article

  12. There’s nothing better than spray paint on canvas….Like the saying goes “real artists use stencils” :)

  13. Mellowlee

    Ooo those are super! Funny I had the same idea. Time to use up all those craft supplies :) yay!

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