the tide is high, and it’s rising still

Dear Arcade Fire,

You produced two of my favourite albums of the past decade. For this I will always hold a soft spot for you.

However, I am growing weary of hearing the same songs. They are still brilliant, but I am in need of new listening, after all it’s been three years since your last record, which feels like a lifetime ago. I know you’ve been busy touring, defending your honour, and of course writing new material, so I hope the rumours are true. I really do.

Until then, I will keep playing your old tunes, like any good fan, and have my digits crossed that popular music sites are not leading my heart astray with idle gossip.

Yours truly,

awake on the west coast, because sleeping is giving in



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6 responses to “the tide is high, and it’s rising still

  1. love em, say them back up U2 a couple of years back

  2. Ah, lucky you! I would have loved to see their concert with Bowie a couple of years back.

  3. liz

    omg i hope all of the rumors are true too. if so, this is amazing year of slated releases just got more amazinger. amazinger is totally a word.

  4. f

    Well, at least you have the new Magnetic Fields album to tide you over ;)

  5. They are taking their time putting out a new album, aren’t they? Let’s hope they add their name to the astounding list of Canadian albums to be released this year..

  6. iduality

    Liz: Me too. And amazinger is totally a word. Totally. ;)

    Fearless: Oh yeah? I’ll have to look out for that! Still been sidetracked with Spoon.

    Barb: Taking their time indeed. I think that’s probably a safe bet. So far they have yet to disappoint.

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