tremble little lion man

Vancouver has a brilliant indie radio station, and they’ve been playing this tune a lot. Really gets your foot tapping. It’s great to have fantastic music listening in the car now.

What’s a tune that makes you press down on the pedal a little faster (still of course obeying speed limits)? ;)



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6 responses to “tremble little lion man

  1. Oh there are a whack of them! The New Pornos’ Bleeding Heart Show is certainly one.

  2. Great track! I’ll be humming it all night now.

    In terms of radio are you talking about 100.5? If so, I agree. I’m finally hearing all these songs on radio that I though only existed in my own private universe on my iPod. A great option if I am stuck in traffic and need something decent once in a while.

  3. In terms of lead foot inducing music in the car – the “Rake’s Song” by The Decemberists does it for me. Like Barb, the New Pornographers does the trick as well, especially “Mass Romantic”.

  4. Barb: Loaded question, I know. :) I was listening to the New Pornos last night while driving and singing along. Damn they write catchy tunes!

    Matthew: Yes, 100.5! It’s such a refreshing change. I normally never listen to the radio, but it was great when I moved back and this little gem arose. It’s a bit wild hearing your ipod on the radio isn’t?

    Ah, yes, that’s a good one. Haven’t listened to The Decemberists in a while. Must change that. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. kelly

    i love that song! I have to find their album.

  6. iduality

    Catchy isn’t? It came out last year, so should be on itunes. In the process of looking myself.

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