proroguing is for children (and Stephen Harper)

I love Rick Mercer.

If you haven’t already, do read his article in the Globe and Mail on the latest stunt everyone’s favourite PM has pulled.

Here’s a little excerpt:

There’s a very good reason why the word prorogue doesn’t come up that often in our society. Why would it? The word has absolutely no resonance with anyone in Canada because the notion that you can shut down anything for months at a time is a total fantasy. That’s the thing about life; it’s relentless. If you are an adult and live in the real world, proroguing isn’t on the agenda, in much the same way levitating isn’t.

God knows I love the idea of proroguing. Everyone in Canada has lain in bed and prayed for the elusive snow day. The idea that while you slept, the heavens opened up and dumped so much snow on the ground that the front door can’t open and the school bus just can’t come. We all remember snow days and that glorious feeling that the deadlines, the tests, the irritating people, the routine and the responsibilities could be avoided for one entire magnificent day with no consequences whatsoever. And if you didn’t do your homework, or you were heading into what you knew was going to be a world of hurt, a snow day meant you dodged the bullet.

But snow days happen to children. If you are an adult, it doesn’t matter how much snow falls – you still have to get to work and you still have to shovel the walk. Snow days don’t apply to adults unless you happen to be the Prime Minister of Canada, who with one phone call has the ability to give every member of Parliament two months off.

We elect these men and women to travel to Ottawa and represent us in the House of Commons. Well, forget that notion – it’s old-fashioned and democratic. Welcome to Canada 2010 – we embark on a brand-new decade as a country that has taxation without representation.

Full article here.



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6 responses to “proroguing is for children (and Stephen Harper)

  1. f

    I don’t like that word proroguing, it’s awkward and stumbles out of my mouth like a too tall horse at the derby.

  2. Much like Harper himself.

    Whenever I hear it, or say it, I just think of pierogies. Mmm.

  3. Great post – I haven’t been this offended since the Fox network canceled Firefly. I have actually joined the Vancouver chapter of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament – there is a Canada wide rally going on Jan 23rd – I hope enough people raise a stink about this, as it quite an assault on those of us who like the meat & potatoes of democracy, such as holding our elected officials accountable and actually having a venue for debate.

  4. Yes, I heard about the rally, I joined the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (just not the Van chapter), I hope to attend as I believe its on a Saturday, not a Sunday, so I won’t be working!

  5. Me too. Apparently the facebook groups now has over 80,000 members.

    Gotta love Mercer, he puts things into perspective so well, and so humourously.

  6. I really hope there is a strong turn out at the rallies and that they are done peacefully.

    He really does, I missed his show this week, I’ll have to find it online. I’m sure it was interesting.

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