one year in 90 seconds

For as much Canadians complain about the weather (namely winter), I cannot imagine living anywhere where the seasons did not change. Even now, on the West coast, it’s a mild, wet day with peaks of sun, temperatures around 8’C (46’F) and I can’t help thinking there should be a little bit of snow of the ground. Rain is the snow of the coast though. I know I could drive an hour north and get some snow, so that will have to do for now.

There is just something about winter I find very calming. Of course I can say that now, as I’m not in the middle of a deep freeze, digging my car out or attempting to navigate down the highway. But you know that feeling after the first snow fall when everything is quiet? I love that moment. Similar to driving in the rain, or walking on crisp leaves. Just divine.

This clip reminds me of my backyard in Smithers.



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7 responses to “one year in 90 seconds

  1. f

    Backyard in Smithers? Excellent!
    (sorry couldn’t resist)

  2. bah-da-dum-tish! (or however you spell that sound) ;)

  3. For as much as I enjoyed my time in Nunavut, I really missed the trees. We did get seasons there, but fall wasn’t the same.

  4. I can imagine, as fall is the best season (in my opinion), especially when you have some birch trees in the yard!

  5. That clip was hitting a little close to home, as it really is starting to feel like the years are passing that quickly.

  6. I definitely feel like time is speeding up. I’m not quite sure where the last year went – the fact that I lived in three different places is telling enough. I’m hoping for a slower 2010…wishful thinking. ;)

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