i can no longer shop happily

Returning home to my empty flat late Saturday night, I realized I had nothing in my fridge. Not even condiments. Well, a half a bottle of ketchup and some pickles. So off to the supermarket I went.

Now, after almost a year of living in B.C. I’ve gotten used to the inflated grocery prices. The lower mainland is a little better than it was up north, but it’s still  worse than England food prices. $8 for a small box of Cheerios is a bit much methinks. So I was strolling through the aisles and I stopped in the cheese section (who wouldn’t) thinking it’s been a while since I had cream cheese…if I get some rye crackers they will be quite tasty with some sliced tomatoes…well you get the picture. So I picked up some cream cheese and glanced at the price – $4.99 for a tiny little container!?! What the what? Had I been in Ontario too long over winter holidays that my concept of pricing reverted back to normal? When did 250g of cream cheese become more expensive than 4L of milk?

Fine then. I’m going to get an entire brick of Havarti for the same price and slice it up and melt it in the toaster oven and make my own cream cheese.

And that is exactly what I did.

What’s your favourite late night snack?



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4 responses to “i can no longer shop happily

  1. f

    Petite Ecolier cookies and milk or hot tea. Omnom. Smartfood and Coke is good too.

  2. Mmm good choice. I could go for a glass of milk right now actually. Smartfood…oh wow, I haven’t had that in years!

  3. I can’t think past a melted brick of Havarti right now, actually. Cheese is good any time though.

    Is it really that much more expensive in Vancouver? Blast.

  4. Cheese always manages to hit the right spot. Day or night.

    Yes, not as bad as up north, but it’s twice the price of what I’d pay in Ontario. Looking forward to the farmers markets in the summer, which will cut down on produce costs at least.

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