The thing I enjoy most about flying is that for the most part its uninterrupted time.

Or rather, time spent without the Internet and various other electronic gadgets. Although I hear this is changing, and I reckon soon I’ll probably become a luddite flyer, with just a book in hand. Oh well, I’m okay with that.

On one of my flights yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting and reading for an entire hour. It was bliss.

I read this article in Vanity Fair about the Large Hadron Collider. Maybe the Boy and his profession talk have leaked over to me, or I’ve been watching too much of The Big Bang Theory, but I was totally fascinated not only by this article, but the machine itself, and also how bloody cool it looks as an art piece. If you have some time, it’s worth a read.

I usually don’t make goals/resolutions for each new year, but I think I might break my own trend and make this the year I try to read something outside my own comfort zone at least once a day.



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9 responses to “42

  1. I actually love science stories! I tend to listen to them on the radio rather than read them, as it is just easier that way. And I won’t even tell you how I always read Hadron Collider as Hardon Collider…

  2. HA Ha! I did that too….glad I’m not the only one. ;)

  3. f

    So if it’s a “Large Hardon Collider” does that mean the Hardons are Large or just the Collider? And ouch….

  4. iduality

    I’m going with the Hardons. As it just doesn’t seem like it would make much sense for it to be the other way around. All about maximizing potential here. ;)

  5. Wow, the collider does look like some art installation…. now if I could only learn what a collider actually does (perhaps I need some horizon expanding as well)

  6. Doesn’t? I’d sad I missed the open day for visiting, now that it’s operational don’t think that’s an option anymore. If you have a chance, the article explains everything. :)

  7. kelly

    your title 42 reminded me of an album my friend put out called…you guessed it “42” . I haven’t listened to it in a while I think I will tonight…its about a young boy and his search and looking for meaning of life etc…blah blah blah

  8. iduality

    yeah, i was going for the answer to the universe is 42 (thanks mr. adams). ;) hope you got to dig out the album and give it a spin, sounds like a good one!

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