cylon toast

This toaster is one of the gifts that I got the Boy for Xmas.

Twas a big hit. He didn’t realized they actually existed, and was impressed with the limited edition quality of it, like any good geek, and irony of the gift itself. They only made 2000 apparently, and he was really torn over soiling it by using it. However,  who can resist a product that lights up and produces toast that says ‘Frak Off’ on one side and a cylon head on the other? It also comes with other inserts so we can have Pop Art toast. Endless amusement I tell you.

Worth the extra search through airport security carrying it onto the plane.



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6 responses to “cylon toast

  1. Stupid airport security! Don’t they realise that practically everybody has a toaster in their carry-on luggage these days?

    The only issue is what to do with all that toast?

  2. f

    Frakking Sweet!

    And yes, there are 2 Ks in Frakking, otherwise it would be pronounced Fray-king and that just doesn’t sound very swear wordy at all.

  3. Barb: I know right?

    Have a lot of people over for breakfast. ;)

    Fearless: It’s pretty cool. No, that really doesn’t sound very swear wordy, eh. That double K is needed. :)

  4. Hey my first Big Bang Theory clip! Is that David from Roseanne? aka Russ from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

  5. Whitenoise: It is pretty cool, we’ve been having a lot of toast. ;)

    John: Yes and yes! It’s a good show, you should watch if you can.

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