you people make my ass twitch

Well just over a week into my ‘vacation’ and I’m about ready to go back to Van. Or at least for the holiday part of the vacation to start. More couch lounging would be nice.

It’s typically on day fourth of the parental visit that I start to get the eye twitch. Coupled with holiday madness, it’s just not good for business.

I feel as though I have not seen the Boy at all, which is kind of true. He’s back in Toronto working, went back yesterday after what seemed like a very stressful holiday lunch at his parents house. In less than three hours we opened presents, and had lunch/dinner for 20 people. He’s coming back tomorrow, and then we’re going over the river for a day and a half, back for a night, then leaving Sarnia and up to Niagara on Tuesday to drop siblings off at school and squeeze in more family visiting. Then that eve we’re back in Toronto and have plans with my friends…and then New Years…it’s never ending.

We have one day – New Years Day – where nothing is going on and then I leave the next day. Oi and vey.

I think I’m grumpy today because I hate the consumerism of Boxing Day and I was forced to go out this morning in what was described as a “tea date” and then turned into a little mall madness. One needs to be prepared for that shit. Plus, my sweet n’ low stash was out and to brave that type of crowd without my morning cuppa Earl Grey did not make me a happy camper.

Well, at least there is some good music floating about, and tomorrow is a new day with more leftovers.

Scarecrows On A Killer Slant – Liars



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6 responses to “you people make my ass twitch

  1. f

    Remember you chose to do all those things and visit all those people, you could have chosen to stay home for as many days as you liked. So feel free to fist shake at yourself :P

    Yay for Blogchronicity! Hope I remember these 2 albums at the end of 2010.

  2. Wasn’t exactly my choice when it came to the family visiting, which up until now has occupied most of the time, and will continue to until Tuesday. Friend engagements, yes, but somehow they are not as bothersome and come with less questions. ;)

    Yeah, hope so too. Ones that leaked this time last year did not make my list at the end. Will have to see what 2010 has in store!

  3. I feel you on that one. The holidays are mostly visiting family and can be pretty stressful, especially when driving 2-5 hours is involved. R & I have argued a bit bc it is my year (we rotate spending Christmas with each others families) —and I’ve only seen my family one day (Christmas day) and the rest of the time has been with his family.

    I don’t like malls either. I went to the Eaton’s centre on the 23rd and immediately I was like “This was a MISTAKE”

  4. Yes, it’s the driving that really eats up a lot of the time and makes you tired. Also when one doesn’t have any time off work, fitting things in with family is tough. It’s hard, but the rotating sounds like a good way to go, I think we might adopt that for next year.

    Ah!! Eaton’s centre madness. I was at Yorkdale on the 22nd and it was chaotic. Hopefully things will start to die down now.

  5. That is a jammed schedule! I don’t think I could handle it very gracefully myself. I tend to require quite a lot more downtime than that.

    And then to be bushwhacked into going to a mall on Boxing Day, oi. Get some chesterfield time under your belt!

  6. I’m starting to realize I do as well. It’s just hard when everyone is so spread out, and only comes home once a year, you want to make sure you maximize time together. I feel rested today though. Slept debt is caught up! :)

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