broken bells

Well, it’ll be a xmas miracle if I make it through the rest of the week without breaking or destroying anything else in my parents house.

First, when taking in tangerines from the car yesterday the mesh somehow loosened from the market to doorstep and when opening the door two dozen orange little balls came flying out of the car and down the driveway and out onto the street. It was hilarious trying to catch them all, but more so when the rest of the groceries started to fall out of the trunk and while stepping each way to catch the oranges from going into the street, I managed to crush a few other bags in the process.

Next came the tree. I noticed that it was only partially decorated. I inquired to my mom about this and we went searching for the rest of the ornaments. Soon they were found and I finished putting them up, noting that the tree was really wobbly. It always had a bit of a tilt, but it seemed quite pronounced now. The Boy suggested we distribute the ornaments more equally, as it seemed to be really front loaded. Finally there is one left, I put it up, did some last minute touch ups, then stepped away to admire our work. Looks great, let’s eat. Upstairs but two minutes and we hear CRASH!

Amazingly only one ornament broke. A point I kept repeating as we tired to put it back together again. Tinsel e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Sam trying to eat as much as she could, while my mom is muttering under her breath, “Only one ornament may have broke, but she’ll be shitting tinsel for weeks.”

Ah, Happy Xmas everyone!

Song of the minute: The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells

*tried to upload the track, but Fileden is not playing nice. shall try again later.



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9 responses to “broken bells

  1. Merry Christmas, Allison. ;-)

  2. Oh my! Merry Christmas anyway!

  3. Here’s to surviving the holidays while keeping your parents’ home intact. Merry Christmas!

  4. And a happy xmas to you all as well! :)

  5. Nothing says Christmas like a pug shitting tinsel for weeks.

    But think of this as an excuse to do absolutely nothing for the next couple of weeks. If people are too slow fetching for you, just offer to get it yourself.

  6. I know, eh. We attempted to put her in a Santa hat last night, which was just cruel.

    The next few days will be pretty low-key. I’m thinking Boxing Day will be a PJ Day, only moving from the couch if entirely necessary.

  7. f

    Wow, well it will definitely be a Christmas you’ll remember.

    Sorry fileden isn’t cooperating with you. You can copy the fileden link from mine and put it up here if you wish.

    Hope your Boxing Day is brill and accident free.

  8. bloody awful poetry

    I must say I quite enjoy festive disasters! Merry Christmas, yo =)
    Oh and I love that song, by the way.

  9. Fearless: Most certainly.

    It’s working now, I was able to upload, but thanks for the offer of linking.

    Although Boxing Day hasn’t been a PJ day, been good so far. Hope yours is relaxing as well!

    BAP: Festive disasters are enjoyable in hindsight. Happy Xmas back at you!

    It’s a great track, I’m off to listen to the rest of the album…now!

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